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Title: Gym Leader
Name: Melanie Aurora Knight
Sex: Female
Race: Caucasian/Asian
Age: 19
Height: 5'4
Weight: 145 Pounds
Appearance: Melanie almost always wears some kind of leather jacket that is tightly zipped up. They can vary wildly in terms of what jacket they are. It is known she owns ones themed off of Umbreon and other Dark-types. One that's got sleeves that are too long and the Team Rocket logo on the back as well as a matching hat. (Though, she does not know what Team Rocket is and only liked the look.) And some themed off of bands and motorcycles. She also prefers torn jeans ranging from black to blue. Her shoes are typically combat boots which are also suitably tight. Melanie is currently wearing Judge Steve's hat.
Bio: Melanie Aurora Knight is her mother's first child and father's second. Despite being biologically half-Asian she is through and through an American woman. She was born in a small railroad town notable only for its industrial necessity and the Dark-types that live both in the town and in the nearby woods. Her family name has some strong pulls within circles of Dark-type trainers and is perhaps best known best for the rumors of having ties to Ninjutsu teachers. Rumors which are at least partially true if the family Katana on Melanie's back and her talents for using it and sneaking around are anything to go by.

Melanie herself never had many people in her home city at her own age. She spent much of her time with the family Liepard, other Pokemon, and books. The girl grew to empathize really well with Dark-types and understand their strengths and weaknesses completely. She also proved to have a very clever mind and excellent retention of what she would read. These traits made her quite the talented kid at school. However, she also proved to be a very mean person with her tongue and those traits became her ammunition. Melanie has trouble communicating with other people and will not just be frank but also concisely choose the most insulting way to word things. Her mind skips along very quickly through series of events causing her to quickly come some kind of solution and from there she become very impatient with anyone that is left behind. This often leaves her even more frustrated with trying to talk to people because she has to backtrack her train of thought. Overall, she is more at home with an book or iPad to read than interacting with those around her, but can't help herself from trying most of the time which inevitably forms itself as a rudely intrusive comment.

Outside of her more hurtful traits, Melanie has a few redemptive ones. The girl has a deep love for stories, plays, music, and most importantly black poetry. Although she generally supposedly despises romance she can still be swayed by a few good lines. Melanie herself isn't partially good at writing anything, but still loves to recite what she has memorized and her ability to perform such poems and plays is perhaps the only talent she has that isn't anti-social. She also takes strong stances against killing innocents and hurting others unnecessarily; only personally doesn't believe in sex outside of marriage, sex at all, or drinking; and hates ignorance to Pokemon.

Although she detests ignorance about Pokemon, she obviously has not seen or caught them all. Generally speaking, she knows an awful lot about Dark, Psychic, and Ghost Pokemon from research and experience as well as being very well studied on Fighting types. In particular she has almost perfect knowledge of pure and primary Dark-type Pokemon as well as their family lines and Tyranitar and Krookodile's families. This even includes Eeveelutions other than Umbreon, though that is mostly because her half-brother breeds them from time to time and she is often stuck taking care of some.

Perhaps most importantly, Melanie has gotten a powerful private education and taken over her home town's Pokemon Gym as the Dark-type Gym Leader. She hands out the Moonlit Badge during official duels, but would not give it out during the tourney unless challenged to a proper gym battle with her Dark-type Pokemon. Because these battles typically take place during the night Melanie is almost completely nocturnal and has trouble being awake during the daytime for prolonged periods of time.

Teammate One:
Name: Battler
Species: Houndoom
Sex: Male
Ability: Early Bird
Nature: Horny (Bold)
Hold Item: Choker Collar that has effect of Hold Lens
Battle style: Battler is tightly controlled by Melanie who order him with sharp whistles and hand signals for most attacks and 大 (Dà) for Fire Blast. Otherwise he will only step out of bounds to flirt with cute or attractive females, but eventually will fight back if they start the battle. He is ferocious and aggressive when not controlled.
Moves: Fire Blast, Will-O-Wisp, Dark Pulse, Rest, and Beat Up
Other info: Battler is Melanie's first Pokemon that she herself took control over and was picked out by her personally. He was finally given to her on Christmas morning and ever since then the two have been tightly bound. Melanie was very careful with training Battler and specifically made him as physically defensive and healthy as possible to take a lot of powerful blows. He exhibits these traits with slightly broader shoulders than most Houndooms.

Teammate Two:
Name: Sally
Species: Ninetales
Sex: Female
Ability: Drought
Nature: Modest
Hold Item: Shell Bell tied to pearl necklace.
Battle style: Tries to blast her opponent out of the park with her strongest stats of speed and power, but she also has good defenses to stay in the fight. Sally is smart enough to fight on her own and doesn't always obey Melanie.
Moves: Fire Blast, Fire Spin, SolarBeam, Pain Split, and Psy-shock
Other info: This Ninetales is soft spoken and generally quiet reserved, but she is far more talkative and argumentative with Melanie. The two have not been together long. Prior to Melanie was used to be with Melanie's half-brother David. She grew up with David for a long time. Despite which she had two years of living in the wild which is more than any other Pokemon on this team. In fact, she is only two years younger than Melanie with a quicker puberty making her actually the most experienced and wisest member of the team in total.

Sally is the most intelligent on the team and the only one of Melanie's team members that totally understands what humans are saying. As such she is completely familiar with both English and Spanish she will often translate for the other members of the team. And, as with almost all Ninetales, Sally has a measure of mind control ability that she will use mostly only to talk with Melanie. Largely, Sally is outside of her Pokeball and acts as a positive influence on Melanie. This causes a great deal of conflict between the pair.

Sally has an Ultra Ball and is one of only two mons on this team without a normal Pokeball.

Teammate Three:
Name: Spiritfire
Species: Shiny Umbreon
Sex: Female
Ability: Synchronize
Nature: Bold
Hold Item: Leftovers
Battle style: Spiritfire is a powerful roadblock. She rarely has to move out of the way of blows as she was trained much like Battler, but with far more natural talent thanks to her species. She relies mostly on knocking out an opponent with their own power and can steadily lower their defenses until they fall to their own strength.
Moves: Foul Play, Screech, Moonlight, Mean Look, and Psychic
Other info: Spirit is the pride of Melanie's gym and a gift from her brother. She forms an interesting parallel to Battler as they both share a dogmatic personality, but Spiritfire is far more productive with it than Battler. She likes taking on challenges and pushes herself as far as possible. She also really likes using her bright blue rings to show off.

Teammate Four:
Name: Nancy
Species: Mandibuzz
Sex: Female
Ability: Overcoat
Nature: Careful
Hold Item: Leftovers
Battle style: Like Spirit Nancy focus on outlasting her opponent. The big difference between them is that while Spiritfire will charge into battle Nancy would rather poison them and then run. She avoids direct confertation as much as possible and tries to lock her opponent into attacking thin air. Nancy hates fighting opponents that are immune to toxic.
Moves: Fly, Toxic, Taunt, Brave Bird, and Protect
Other info: Nancy is often used by Melanie as transportation from place to place. She is fairly aloof from the rest of the team and can often be found perched on Melanie when outside her Pokeball. She is slightly skinnier than average for a Mandibuzz, but that might just be less plumage.

Teammate Five:
Name: Seaforce
Species: Kingdra
Sex: Male
Ability: Sniper
Nature: Steady (Calm)
Hold Item: Razor Claw around neck
Battle style: Seaforce is the might of the ocean and focus on building up his power to its peak before launching a full out assault. His battling is dependant on his deadly aim to prove effective.
Moves: Surf, Dragon Pulse, Focus Energy, Rain Dance, and Ice Beam
Other info: A relatively new Pokemon to the team, Melanie only started using Seaforce as a way to balance out team flaws caused by a certain nine tailed Pokemon giving her team far too much of a perceived weakness to Rock, Water, and Ground types. Seaforce has been long since contained and despite his nature has a bit of pent up energy to get rid of.

Seaforce is in a Net Ball and the only one other than Sally currently in an usual ball.

Teammate Six:
Name: Makuta
Species: Spiritomb
Sex: Male
Ability: Pressure
Nature: Bold
Hold Item: Rocky Helmet
Battle style: Twisted and demented, Makuta uses his abilities to freak his opponent as much as possible.
Moves: Shadow Ball, Hidden Power (Fighting), Pain Split, Calm Mind, and Hypnosis
Other info: Makuta is steadily trying to influence Melanie's actions. From his base in her backpack he is exerting pressure on her mind to bend her to his will. He is a horrible Pokemon despite being breed for a trainer and favor's his species' worst traits.

Possible Replacement One:
Name: U-Lifeform
Species: Zoroarc
Sex: Male
Ability: Illusision
Nature: Timid
Hold Item: Choice Scarf
Battle style: Prefers tricky and guile to direct confrontation. U-Lifeform is deceptive, but also quick to flee when confronted.
Moves: Night Daze, Focus Blast, Torment, Trick, and Attract
Other info: Does not actually live up to his namesake at all. In fact, despite liking the title he somewhat hates that Melanie named him as a cheap joke.

Possible Replacement Two:
Name: Unnamed
Species: Shaymin
Sex: N/A
Ability: Natural Cure or Serene Grace
Nature: Careful
Hold Item: None yet
Battle style: No real style yet. Just random moves. Likely will try and use sunlight to fight as much as possible.
Moves: Seed Flare, Air Slash, Synthesis, Growth, Sunny Day
Other info: Is an uncaught Pokemon I might forget to weave into the story. Doesn't actually have "Sunny Day" yet.
Line art by Dampho and I colored.
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